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Our Redcord courses are an alternative/complement to traditional fitness centers.
Redcord Active

Unique in Basel

The Training Concept from Norway ideal for musculoskeletal Complaints.
Suitable for People with Pain but also for competitive Athletes and regular Sportspeople, who wish to achieve optimal core stability.

Redcord Active

Course Registration

The number of available places is limited to 6 participants. Please inform us at least one week in advance if you are unable to attend an appointment. We will help you find an alternative date.


Cancellations which are not made in due time, will be invoiced with CHF 30.00
Information about participation in a Redcord group training (GTC)
  • One Training Session takes 50 Min
  • Comfortable sportswear is suitable for this training. The training is done in (non-slip) socks and you do not need sports shoes
  • For hygienic reasons, we kindly ask you to bring a large bath towel. In exceptional cases we can provide you with a towel at the expense of CHF 2.00
  • The Training Space can get warm, especially in summer. Please make sure you drink enough fluids and bring your own drinking bottle to the training
  • If you have bought or been prescribed group training, we recommend that you come to the training centre regularly at least once a week in a group suitable for your level
  • For organisational reasons, we reserve the right to reduce the training time to 30 minutes if there are only two participants; if there is only one participant, the training may be cancelled. If the training is cancelled, you will be informed in advance by telephone
  • Notify us of your absence one week in advance so that we can give your place to another participant
  • Short-term cancellations in the same week will be charged and cannot be made up

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