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We can show you how to work in a Healthy Environment

«Do you suffer from Neck and Throat Tension or have you contracted Tendinitis at Work?»

We offer professional ergonomic Workplace Analysis because Ergonomics is more than just sitting standing or lifting.

How do you plan your work? How are you organized?

Work content, cognitive pressure, working hours, wages and many more aspects may influence our body at work everyday – positively or negatively.

Individual Workplace Design/Analysis and Product Assistance
We can help you optimise your work quality and related health issues by visiting your workplace and thus prevent further injury.

Risk Assessments
Health risks can be identified, prevented and minimised by means of Risk Assessments.

We offer assistance with the organisation of health days and related projects on health and physical activity at work
If you would like to offer your employees meaningful “entertainment”, we would be happy to plan a number of activities related to health, exercise, ergonomics or balance and could set up a test circuit or a parcours with various stages for you.

Topics: Ergonomics and Movement within the Office, Standing, Sitting, Lifting/Carrying, dealing with stress situations and many more.

Ergonomics Parcours, Lifting-Carrying Parcours or Activity Circuits
Offer your employees a practical experience. Test and deepen your knowledge of office ergonomics such as lifting and carrying, strength, dexterity or mobility, using the means of a parcours with different stations. We blend different stations according to your wishes or integrate only a part of them into a workshop- according to your preference.

Ergonomics in Workspace Planning
If you are planning a new working environment, a new production line, or a conversion, you can incorporate issues of health and ergonomics for your staff at the start of your planning phase. This is not only cost-effective and more efficient but avoids costly adaptations to the workplace to prevent damages to the musculo-skeletal system later on. This is the type of assistance we can offer:

  • Consultancy for the Aquisition of new Production Equipment, Office Furniture
  • Planning Advice for new Construction or Conversions

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