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A new approach to managing your back pain

«Back pain is a common disease.
A health problem with far-reaching consequences for those affected.»

The GLA: D® Switzerland back program

We have been running the GLA:D Concept for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis for two years at Physio Davies. We have enjoyed watching how many people it has benefited the potential surgeries it has saved both at our practice and across Switzerland. The program is now being offered at more than 139 sites in all cantons. A key to the success of GLA:D is the programs focus on providing quality EDUCATION and a well targeted exercise program for people with osteoarthritis.

GLA:D originates in Denmark.

Based on its success in people with osteoarthritis, the Danes have decided to develop a similar program for back pain. I was lucky to be one of the first practitioners qualified in Switzerland to be able to provide this great new treatment option in Basel.

GLAD Back involves a combination of great education and exercise. The education, support and guidance we provide as physiotherapists to improve people’s understanding of pain and how to reach their goals is often under-valued.

GLA:D Back provides people with so much great education to address the many myths about back pain, such as:

  • My back hurts because I have a weak core
  • My back hurts because I have poor posture
  • I need a scan to find out what is really wrong

For some of you reading this, these examples may not seem like myths at all – but I promise you they often are, and not knowing the greater complexities of back pain makes many people choose ineffective treatments and strategies. For instance massage, fango and passive treatments.

Similar to what we teach in the GLA:D osteoarthritis program, GLA:D Back teaches you about the many things that can increase or decrease symptoms that are not always obvious. Importantly, this allows you to develop strategies to make changes in your life that will help improve things now and in the future. People will leave the GLA:D back program with a much better understanding of why their back might hurt and what treatments and strategies might actually help.

What about the exercise program? What is different to other concepts like Pilates and Backschool?

I think this is the part I loved most about the GLA:D Back program. Other concepts can be a great form of exercise for many people but, it doesn’t always get people out of pain or back to the things they want to, or need to do. The GLA:D Back exercise program teaches people they do not have to move exactly the same textbook way as each other. This is another myth we will talk about.

The GLA:D Back exercise program will make you stronger to do the things you need to do, rather than avoiding them or bracing every time you move. The exercises will reduce your fear of doing normal things like bending over in the garden or to tie your shoe lace. And you will get a great work out, leaving sessions feeling rejuvenated.


Individual sessions with entry examination, tests and practical introduction to the exercise program
Your current situation will be determined and you will be introduced to the exercise program.


Group sessions with advice and instruction
HHere we explain to you how the GLA:D® Switzerland back program works and how you can benefit from it as long-term as possible.


Group sessions with an exercise program
Here you learn to control your movements and posture, train your muscle strength and learn to integrate functional exercises into everyday life.


A last one-on-one session with an exit examination
The success of your participation in the program is checked here. The referring doctor receives a short report.

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