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The right forms of therapy for every cause

We are all different people and so is every disease. During a personal consultation and examination with one of our therapists, we will first of all start to draw a base-line: What type of symptoms do you suffer from? Have there been previous illnesses, accidents and/or operations? And following a precise assessment and a diagnosis, we then discuss therapy goals and the appropriate form of therapy with you. Each patient is different and each illness is individual and may therefore require a different therapy for his or her problem. Through an accurate assessment and diagnosis, we are able to outline therapeutic goals and the type of therapy, which is most suitable for you.

Manual Therapy

Special techniques are used to try to relieve movement restrictions and ease pain.
You can find more information on the website www.ifompt.org.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage promotes the removal of lymphatic fluid. Compression bandages are then applied depending on the instructions prescribed.

Classical Massage

Classical Massage is used for muscle tension or stiffness. Badly adapted workplaces, bad posture at the workplace (see also ergonomics), stress and other influences can cause chronic injuries to muscles.

Myofascial Release - also with Blackroll

Myofascial Release is a body therapy treatment. Through targeted manipulation of deep-seated connective tissue restrictions, an attempt is made to use hands and/or the fascia roller/blackroll to exert a balancing effect on the entire organism via the fascia system in order to help it achieve new balance and vitality.

Trigger Point Therapy

Loosening of painful muscle knots through pressure and stretching.

Stabilisation Taping

Firm, rigid, adhesive bandages are applied to support the stability of a joint.

Dry Needling

Dry Needling – a relatively new form of therapy for the treatment of myofascial trigger points – uses sterile, disposable acupuncture needles and is an effective addition to other therapeutic procedures. It is particularly suitable for manual trigger point therapy.


Using self-adhesive, coloured, elastic bandages, a form of permanent muscle massage is achieved whilst not restricting mobility. Taping changes the proprioception of muscles.

Golf Physiotherapy Training

Specific Golf Training with exercises, designed to improve core stability & flexibility of the body.

Strength training

Individual physical training with the aim of improving mobility and strength. The use of muscle power is crucial in this context.

Sports Physiotherapy / Training Therapy (MTT)

Individual therapy programmes for competitive athletes as well as regular sportspeople. Also for patients, whose musculoskeletal system can no longer withstand all the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Pain Management (Pain Therapy)

The aim is to positively control pain-influencing factors at the biological and psycho-social level and help eliminate them: Influencing pain, individual adaptation in dealing with pain.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation with Biofeedback

The pelvic floor can be weak in men and women alike for a number of reasons. The pelvic floor is an important part of our body. Through training and electrostimulation using biofeedback, it is possible to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and restore its function.

Cervical Spinal Trauma Rehabilitation

After traumatic cervical spine injuries, it is important to restore the stabilisation ability of the deep neck muscles by means of biofeedback / redcord / proprioception training.

Craniomandibular Dysfunction (temporomandibular joint problems)

By mobilising the jaw joint and massaging the chewing muscles, problems with chewing and grinding pattern can be relieved and resolved.

Other forms of Therapy

  • Electrotherapy (Ultrasound, TENS, Biofeedback, Nerve Stimulation)
  • Physical Therapy (Ice, Heat).

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