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Prevention is always better than Treatment!

«Would you like to do something preventive for your Health? Excellent! Because your Health is our Priority!»

In general, the term Prevention can be translated as anticipatory Problem Avoidance.

Prevention (from the Latin praevenire “to anticipate, prevent”) is the term used to describe preventive measures to avoid an undesirable event or development.

It is about preventing bad posture and avoiding occupational diseases and general widespread disease, which are rooted in incorrect or deficient posture. The following Distinctions are made:

  • Primary Prevention: takes place in healthy people (sport, nutrition…)
  • Secondary Prevention: carried out on patients at an early stage of discomfort
  • Tertiary Prevention: used to prevent further aggravation of a disease.

Preventive Physiotherapy is largely active in secondary and tertiary prevention in order to prevent, relieve and resolve the worsening effects of pain. Below, you will find our prevention measures on offer:

  • Neurac Redcord
  • Sports Physio Therapy: specific sports-orientated enhancement Training
  • Treadmill Fitness Analysis
  • Personal Training
  • Women’s Health
  • Training 50+ – Maintenance of Strength, Flexibility and Coordination
  • Walking Stability, Prevention of Falls
  • Personal Training Packages- (Redcord Assessment, Redcord Assessment, Personal Training Pilates)
  • Treadmill Analysis for Golf-Fitness
  • Ergonomics at the Workplace
  • Corporate Health Packages

Contact us of you want to do something for your health.

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