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We have the Expertise we know what works!

«Using targeted Measures, we aim to restore your Health and Condition so that you can reach your former Capacity again»

We care, support and accompany you during this Process  using newest Techniques and Training Methods.

Our extremely experienced staff – trained in a myriad of different disciplines – is perfectly equipped to provide the best possible Treatment for you, offering individual, sustainable Rehabilitation using state-of-the-art Technology as well as a wide range of Therapies and training Methods.

Rehabilitation after musculoskeletal Dysfunction,
e.g. Disc problems, Arthrosis, rheumatological Diseases, Tendinosis, Osteoporosis, etc.

Postoperative Rehabilitation
after surgical Interventions, e.g. Hip and Knee Prostheses, Shoulder Reconstructions, Arthroscopies, etc.

Rehabilitation after traumatic Injuries,
e.g. Fractures, Cervical spinal distortion Traumas, Falls, torn Ligaments, lifting Traumas, nerve Injuries, sports Injuries, etc.

Neurological Rehabilitation/Bobath,
e.g. for Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Nervous Disorders, etc.

Pelvic floor Rehabilitation, e.g. after Birth, Bladder Weakness, Prostatectomy, urinary and fecal Incontinence, etc.

Do you want to feel better again?

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