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Optimal Prevention and Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

«Would you like to return to your sport successfully as soon as possible? Our highly trained and experienced sports physio-therapists can help you get there»

We have a unique Method at our Disposal in Basel to help you get fast Results.

Sports Physiotherapy is an independent Discipline within our Practice.

Target groups are competitive Athletes in a development Phase, during Training or in Rehabilitation after injuries or operations.
The sports physiotherapist uses his/her expertise in therapy as well as the specific field of sports movement, to analyse the injured structure and produce a diagnosis as well as an action plan.

If you wish to resume your sport as quickly as possible, whether it is taking up a tennis racket or putting on your running shoes – place yourself in the specially trained and experienced hands of our sports physiotherapists.

Targeted build-up, adapted to the relevant wound healing phases of the affected tissue and your individual prerequisites – will give you confidence and security and enable a swift “return to play”.

Treatment of acute injury phase is crucial, but subsequent medium to long-term rehabilitation, during which all deficits in the areas of mobility, strength, endurance, speed and above all coordination must be compensated, is just as important for long-lasting success in rehabilitation.

In order to keep these deficits as low as possible, we strive to train the athlete as specifically as possible right from the start. The Redcords System offers this possibility without negatively influencing the healing process of the affected structure. This allows full training and keeps the loss of performance as low as possible.

Redcords will keep you at a high coordinative level during periods of regeneration and promote the interaction of muscles in order to finally achieve a higher technical and fitness level during more intensive training phases.

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